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Professional Color Analysis by TheColorConsultant®

Online Color Analysis


Submit your photos, and I’ll conduct an expert virtual color analysis, providing you with a detailed explanation of your personal color analysis process and result. This includes your face on all color comparison backgrounds, along with a personalized 40-page color report featuring your full color palette, your best base colors, whites and blacks, accent colors, color duos and trios, and colors to avoid. You will also receive recommendations on hair color, graying hair, metals and gemstones, denim and leather, hosiery, bridal colors, eyewear, popular patterns and prints, office attire, nail colors, foundation colors, blush and bronzers, eye makeup, and lip makeup colors. Plus, you’ll get a personalized mobile color palette, a printable color palette business card for effortless shopping, personal virtual backdrops and more, along with post-analysis email support from me.

Following your purchase of your Online Color Analysis, you'll receive an email with instructions to complete my detailed survey and upload photos of yourself as per my specific guidelines. You will have the chance to ask me any color-related questions you may have! I will then conduct my professional analysis and send your personalised result (and much more) to your inbox within 15 business days.

I take great care to ensure that your analysis is conducted with thorough consideration and attention to detail, resulting in the most accurate and high-quality outcome that will last you a lifetime. I dedicate considerable time and thought to my explanation of your personal color analysis process, my response to your questions and my result for you. There is no rushing involved!

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Professional Color Analysis by TheColorConsultant®

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Online Color Analysis


July/August 2024 Update - Color Analysis Results Delivered within 15 Business Days

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How does it work?

Following your purchase of the Online Color Analysis Report, you will receive an email guiding you to complete my detailed survey and upload photos according to specific instructions. I will then begin my analysis and your report will be delivered to your inbox within 15 business days. I take great care to ensure that your analysis is conducted with thorough consideration and attention to detail, so there's no rushing involved! Keep an eye on your inbox - I sometimes request additional or better-quality photos.

What is the virtual color analysis process?

My virtual color analysis process involves an extensive online assessment using hundreds of virtual drapes and color tiles based on the photographs you provide. The analysis focuses on three main pillars: undertone, value, and intensity, which guide me in determining your ideal color palette.

What type of photos do I need to provide?

You'll need to submit a makeup-free photo of your face in natural light, with your hair pulled back, wearing white clothing. I also ask for early adulthood photos, and photos in different decades of your life, if applicable. I also ask for a close-up photo of each eye. Detailed photo instructions will be sent to your inbox after purchase.

When will I receive my results?

I take great care to ensure that your analysis is conducted with thorough consideration and attention to detail, resulting in the most accurate and high-quality outcome that will last you a lifetime. There's no rushing involved!

You can expect to receive your color analysis results within 15 business days from the date of your post-purchase photo submission. I may request additional photos beyond the ones you submit. Please keep an eye on your inbox for follow-up emails from me. Check your Spam folder!

Do you offer post-analysis support?

Yes! I offer post-analysis email support to all clients. If you have questions, need more guidance, or want to share your feedback, please feel free to reach out to me at, message me using the Chat feature located in the bottom right corner of the website, or use the Contact page.

Need more support? Some people do! You will have the option to schedule a 30-minute one-on-one video call with me for a consultation fee of $100. We will have a personal discussion about your result, I will answer all of your questions and provide an explanation of your full analysis. 

Do my results change if I change my hair color or get a tan?

No! Your color analysis results typically remain consistent regardless of changes in your hair color or skin overtone.

What system of color analysis do you use?

I use the leading 16 season color analysis system. To view my Color Analysis Wheel, please visit my Home Page. While I am very familiar with the 4, 10, 11, 12, other 16, 22, and even 24 seasonal methods, as well as the tonal systems, and variants used by different franchises and training systems, I strongly recommend and advocate for the use of my system as both the most accurate and practical choice. To learn more about The Color Consultant® visit the About page.

What are the benefits of knowing your best colors?

Knowing your best colors guides clothing, makeup, and accessory choices to enhance your natural beauty and confidence. Wearing colors that complement your natural features can make you look healthier, smoother and more vibrant. The whites of your eyes and teeth will tend to show brighter. The wrong colors can enhance the appearance of imperfections, create an uneven overall skin tone and make you look washed out, dull and prematurely older.

Is color analysis suitable for men too?

Absolutely! Color analysis is suitable for both men and women. It's a valuable tool for anyone looking to enhance their appearance. Understanding your best colors can help men make informed choices in clothing, accessories, and grooming.

Does color analysis work on all skin tones?

Absolutely! Color analysis is inclusive and effective for individuals of all ethnicities and backgrounds, whether with fair, medium, or deep skin, including Asian and Black skin types. What matters most is entrusting the analysis to a highly experienced and trained color consultant. For more information about The Color Consultant®, visit the About page.

Can I get my colors analyzed if I have recently completed chemotherapy or experienced a long-term illness?

It is recommended to wait 6 months after chemotherapy or a long-term illness for an accurate color analysis. The jaundiced effect from treatments can impact the carotene-hemoglobin-melanin balance I assess for undertones. Once fully recovered, I will be able to work with a more reliable representation of your natural coloring.

Can I get my color analyzed if I have conditions like rosacea, eczema, melasma, vitiligo, or uneven skin tone?

Absolutely! In fact, many clients harness their color analysis results as a powerful tool to visibly diminish the impact of their skin concerns, if desired, while enhancing the beauty of their natural coloring.

Is online color analysis as accurate as in-person analysis?

Fear not! My virtual analysis produces the same results as my in-person analysis. What matters is the quality of the analysis by a trained eye, irrespective of the method used. Virtual analysis, when performed by an experienced color consultant using the right photographs and accurate advanced virtual tools will yield results just as reliable as those obtained through in-person color analysis.

Is there an age requirement for getting a color analysis?

From ages 18 to 100 and beyond, everyone can benefit from discovering their best colors.

For those under 18, I recommend waiting until your adult natural coloring stabilizes before considering a color analysis. While your analysis results will be accurate for now, there is a possibility that you will outgrow them and need a reassessment in your early adult years.

I've previously had a color analysis done, either professionally, through DIY methods, or online tools, but I feel it may not be right. Can you help?

Yes! Many clients come to me with the same issue. Receiving accurate results is unlikely when seeking advice from analysts who lack a true understanding of core color analysis principles, fail to follow systematic processes, have limited experience with no diverse client exposure, and lack advanced accredited professional training. Relying on inaccurate physical or digital tools and flawed online color analysis quizzes will also yield inaccurate results. In my post-purchase survey, I always allow you the opportunity to share your past experiences and I provide a direct response.

How do I find my SHINE™?

Find your SHINE™ with an analysis of your skin undertone, intensity and natural value. Discover the perfect palette that harmonizes with your individual characteristics and enhances your natural beauty.


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